South American Fly Fishing

J.W. and Dawn Smith of South American Fly Fishing have been passionately exploring and fly fishing the rivers of South America for more than 25 years. Their knowledge and expertise extends from the Simpson and Paloma in Chile, the Orinoco in Venezuela and Colombia, the Madeira, Rio Negro, and Solimoes tributary systems of the Amazon Basin in Brazil and Bolivia, to the Rio Dorado and Rio Uruguay in Argentina. They return frequently to these fly fishing destinations to ensure the high quality standards are met and maintained. They continue to search for untouched fisheries: floating head water tributaries, flying mountain streams in helicopters, and camping in jungle hammocks. The Smiths developed some of the first fly patterns and fly fishing techniques for peacock bass, payara, golden dorado and many other tropical species. The select fly fishing destinations listed within are the very best for the targeted species, putting you in the right place at the right time.

Over the last two decades, through many, many exploration and research trips, South American Fly Fishing has developed PEACOCK BASS fly fishing programs targeting this exciting species along with many other exotic gamefish in Brazil and Bolivia’s Amazon Basin. Peacock bass are pound for pound arguably the most aggressive, hardest fighting fish on Earth. This acrobatic and colorful jungle species readily takes flies and poppers and offers unparalleled experiences for the fly-fishing angler, both for numbers of fish and size. It is not uncommon for a peacock bass fly fisherman to catch and release 20-30 fish per day... as well as payara, surubi, bacuda, pacu and other exotic species.

GOLDEN DORADO are perhaps the most sought after fly fishing quarry in South America. These beautiful, highly aerobatic fish make finger-burning runs and can weigh up to 60 pounds.

Southern Chile’s Patagonia region offers unmatched fly fishing for BROWN and RAINBOW TROUT with some opportunities for king and silver salmon in the unspoiled streams, rivers and lakes shadowed by the majestic peaks of the Andes.

These programs, developed with longtime friends and renowned outfitters, offer fantastic fishing, knowledgeable fly fishing guides, good boats and equipment, comfortable accommodations, delicious food and outstanding service. There are no greater trips on earth for adventurous fly anglers.

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Argentina: Salta Golden Dorado Fly Fishing

  • $4195 for 6 nights/5 days of fishing - single occupancy if possible.

Bolivia: Bolivian Adventures/Caño Negro Lodge - peacock bass fly fishing, payara fly fishing and fly fishing for other exotic species:

  • $3995 for 4 days fishing
  • $5295 for 6/7 days fishing

Brazil: River Plate Anglers, Brazil - trophy peacock bass fly fishing only sanctuary:

  • $5495 - $5,995 for 6/7 days fishing (Exclusive Rivers)
  • $6995 for 6/7 days fishing (Marié River Fly Fishing Only Trophy Sanctuary)

Chile: Salmo Patagonia Fly Fishing

  • $5995 for six nights/5+ days fishing (depending on air schedule)

Chile: Paloma River Fly Fishing

  • $3450 for seven nights/six days fishing.


Argentina: Salta Golden Dorado Fly Fishing

  • September - May

Bolivia: Bolivian Adventures/Caño Negro Lodge - peacock bass fly fishing, payara fly fishing and fly fishing for other exotic species:

  • August - Mid-November

Brazil: River Plate Anglers, Brazil - trophy peacock bass fly fishing only sanctuary:

  • Mid-July - February

Chile: Salmo Patagonia OR Paloma River Fly Fishing:

  • December - February


Argentina: Salta Golden Dorado Fly Fishing:

  • Many excellent carriers, such as American Airlines, Delta, United, United, Lan Chile, Aerolineas Argentinas and Varig offer flight service to Buenos Aires, Argentina, from Dallas, New York, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, or Los Angeles. Most of the flights depart the U. S. in the evening and arrive Argentina early to late morning the next day. From Buenos Aires, shooters/anglers take a two-hour jet flight north to Salta City. Estancia Chacu is around two hours (by van) from the Salta airport.

Bolivia: Bolivian Adventures/Caño Negro Lodge:

  • Copa and American Airlines both offer flights from Miami, Florida to Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
  • United/Copa offers flights from Houston, Texas to Santa Cruz, Bolivia daily.

Brazil: River Plate Outfitters, Brazil:

  • TAM Brazilian and American Airlines offers daily flights from Miami, Florida to Manaus, Brazil.

Chile: Salmo Patagonia OR Paloma River Fly Fishing:

  • American and Delta offer daily service to Santiago, Chile, as does Lan Chile, the Chilean national airline. All of the flights depart in the evening and arrive early in the morning at the Santiago International Airport. A one-time entry fee of about $160 is collected at customs. After receiving your luggage and clearing customs, you'll be met and walk a few minutes over to the domestic terminal where you'll connect with a 2 1/2-hour flight to Balmaceda. In Balmaceda, you will be met and transported in a private vehicle two hours to the lodge.


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