What Clients Say:

"I have been fly fishing with South American Fly Fishing many times over the years, from Alaska to Brazil and Chile. I must say my trip to Bolivia was one of my favorite trips ever. The pristine environment and the wildlife were spectacular, as was the fishing. I landed 17 payara one day, with my largest being 18 pounds. There were lots of fish of many different species and every aspect of the trip was well run. The accommodations and food at Caño Negro Lodge were remarkable, considering the remote location."
"My trip to the Brazil Safari Camp was by far my best fishing trip for peacock bass, both for quantity and size. I landed 30 to 50 fish every day. One afternoon I caught fish of 13, 16, 17 and 22 pounds—my personal best with a fly rod."
"Where we fished in Bolivia is an untouched part of the world. I have fished all over and I have never seen so much wildlife. We caught twelve species of fish—with many peacock bass in the 4- to 8-pound range. The payara were my favorite—they really rip off line. My largest was 35 pounds! I will return just to fish for payara. Caño Negro and their staff were first rate."
"J.W. Smith caught nine big payara, in just over five hours one day, along with three corvina and more than 30 peacock bass…large muddler/deceiver patterns. I liked this destination a lot!" (Bolivia—Caño Negro Lodge)
"The power of the peacocks was awesome, like technicolored largemouth on steroids. My guide, Altimar, was outstanding. The accommodations were surprisingly luxurious." (Brazil Floating Cabins)
"La Zona is a place where the normal rules don't apply. These awesome fish are so huge and numerous it is like something out of prehistory… Since La Zona became available to anglers… literally scores of fish exceeding the largest fly-caught IGFA record have been caught, including one that weighed more than 50 pounds. That is nearly triple the previous record! … What keeps things exciting is the surface behavior of the dorado. There is almost always something happening on the surface, if not on the part of large fish, then on the part of school after school of small fish that slam the surface near the dam. The feeding frenzy is reminiscent of that displayed by bluefish in the open Atlantic."
"I gauge my fishing trips by answering just one question: ‘Would I go back?’ The answer is, Paloma River Lodge is virtually assured of having several new regulars."